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Beta Versions of SkipScreen!

File hosting sites change all the time. We are hard at work keeping SkipScreen up to date with those changes. This page contains links to the latest beta release, as well as older versions. Please note that this file is intended for testing, not for normal use. If you do not intend to report issues as part of the beta-test group, you might want to install the main release.


Older Beta Versions
  • zShare - minor tweak to display (only one timer on-screen)
  • Version passed back to post-download for stats and update notices.
  • permalink to this release
  • zShare - automated, but now has to wait out the timer, just like RapidShare. :::sigh:::
  • FilesTube is borked; s/b fixed for single-part downnloads, but multi is not yet working....
  • FilesTube support - added to self-hosted, but skipped beta testing. tsk tsk tsk.
  • MegaUpload - captcha decoder is in here, just like in the self-hosted version.
  • permalink to 0.3.20091206_beta release
  • MediaFire -- this sounds like a war -- MF changed their page AGAIN. We've got some better code in now, but when will they next respond?
  • the Zugo "start page" partner screen is not in this release (it will never be on the AMO version, either). You'll see it again, someday....
  • new files for testing uploaded.to and depositfiles -- finally! -- at testingResources
  • This is at, or pretty darn close to, the final for release.
  • permalink to 0.3.20091116_beta release
  • RapidShare "no slots available" handler updated -- there are TWO unique messages for this situation, and I finally got the other one today to be able to analyze and test. Now both s/b taken care of. Thanks to everybody who kept complaining about this.
  • download.cnet.com tweaked - cleanups, fixes, incorporated update provided by dev (Thanks, Avi!)
  • netload.in removed for this release (needs more work)
  • Display fix for timer - missing space added. (Thanks to Montravok)
  • Opacity removed from post-download page; smaller date format for file-counter
  • This is at, or pretty darn close to, the final for release.
  • permalink to 0.3.20091107_beta release
  • Beta-releases now have "_beta" in the release name
  • Latest beta is available via permanent URL: http://www.skipscreen.com/install/skipscreen_beta.xpi
  • Updated error-handling; many silent errors can now be displayed in a consistent manner;
  • Option added to turn-off (most) error messages
  • Options broken out into two panels -- "Skippers" and "Other". Please check out the new options and make sure they display correctly on your system
  • Zugo window now has "Decline" as default, and can use "Enter" to make selection (only appears on first install, or if the about:config preference extensions.ZugoTools.version = 0)
  • link to 0.3.20091025_beta release
  • MegaUpload is working, again: due to MU server changes, the wait can no longer be bypassed, so SkipScreen automates the wait.
  • RapidShare has gotten a lot of internal rework; messages are consistent, and no-slots seems to be handled properly.
  • NetLoad.in support has been started, but is incomplete (thanks to Ahmed for the original code).
  • Consistent message display via a (slightly transparent) Big Green Box(tm). On most pages, the box can be repositioned.
  • Post-download page is slightly transparent (so the user knows they haven't left the original page).
  • Options panel should display at correct minimum width (w/o scroll-bars).
  • Number of files download via SkipScreen is displayed on post-download screen (note: not all handlers update, so the number is lower than your actual use; no data is kept other than a count, and the date the counter was started).
  • Version number has increased from 0.1 to 0.3 (0.2 should have been in a previous release, but wasn't incremented).
  • Version dating has been changed from MMDDYYYY to YYYYMMDD.
  • Beta is available online, and should auto-update when a new beta is available (for this reason, it is reccomended that beta versions be installed in a separate profile from main releases).
  • Beta displays the unique whatsnew_beta.html page ("you're soaking in it").
  • jQuery has been added (increases size of .xpi slightly); this will be used more in the future.
  • Zugo-search-page code included (was missing from recent betas, but included in last production release).
  • link to 0.3.20091018 release
Previous releases

See main release page for standard release notes.